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2,500 river kilometres, just for nature

From Munich to the Black Sea with the SUP Board.

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On 20 July 2017 at 09:00...

... Pascal starts his SUP Nature Tour at the Max-Joseph Bridge in Munich. The water of the Isar and Danube will take him through 10 countries and 4 capital cities as part of his journey. At the end of his trip at the Sulina Old Lighthouse (the official start-point of the Danube) in Romania, he will slide with the river water into the Black Sea.

Along the 2,500 river kilometres he will be travelling along historic trails, see much of nature, experience it, and encounter people from the most diverse backgrounds. You will be able to follow all of his impressions and experiences here in the next few weeks. Thomas will summarise, comment on and depict Pascal's experiences almost every day. Matse and Nils will be there with the camera during the entire trip of around 20 days, and are sure to bring back interesting film scenes.

Alongside the Tour Live and the reports, photos and films, you can also find here interesting information about Pascal's equipment, literature on the Isar and Danube, and selected book and film recommendations from the Pure Water for Generations Team.

Pascal's journey is a journey for us all. The journey began for each member of the Pure Water for Generations Team, as well as for our partners, because we want to give something back to nature, and particularly to the water. We only have this one earth - and 70% of it is water. And this is why we've set out on this journey!

We'd be delighted if you want to accompany us on our journey, and support us - with your ideas, your contacts, your time, and your thoughts! And of course a donation for the water is always much appreciated too!

We say Mahalo, Aloha, and everything flows!
Your Pure Water for Generations Team